K.V Mahadevan's music and K. Rao's direction were featured. After Viswanath went viral, the movie became the biggest hit of 1980.

Omkara Nadanu Sankarabharanam Songs

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Omkara Nadanu Sankarabharanam Songs | Sankarabharanam Movie Songs | Sankarabharanam Songs Telugu

Only one theatre screened Sankarabharanam, yet it became the biggest hit of 1990. K. Viswanath ‘s Sankarabharanam premiered in one theater only on January 14, 1980, and only four people attended.

Later, K.V Mahadevan’s music and K. Rao’s direction were featured. After Viswanath went viral, the movie became the biggest hit of 1980. SPB, who has no background in Carnatic music, scored the best music with K V MAHADEVEN. it was not dupped in tamil.

The original movie was released and was a huge hit throughout Tamil Nadu. The film and the songs were celebrated by all Tamilnadu citizens, including non-carnatic music lovers.

Watch Omkaara Naadaanusandhanam Song From Sankarabharanam Movie, Starring J.V. Somayajulu, Manju Bhargavi, Chandra Mohan among others.

Directed by K. Viswanath and Produced by Edida Nageswara Rao, Aakasam Sriramulu.

Music composed by KV Mahadevan. Sankarabharanam (Telugu: శంకరాభరణం, English: Shankara’s ornament) is a 1979 Telugu film, directed by Dr. K. Vishwanath and produced by Poornodaya Movie Creations.

Its music composed by KV Mahadevan was well received and led to the revival of Indian classical music in South India.

The film deals with two main issues – decline in popularity of Carnatic music and the teacher-student relationship. The film is considered to be one of the best films ever emerged from Telugu film industry.

It won five National Film Awards.Film critic Gudipoodi Srihari called it as the best Telugu film he has seen after Mayabazar Sankarabharanam-Telugu Movie Songs | Sankaraa Naadasareeraparaa Video Song

Omkara Nadanu Sankarabharanam Songs
Omkara Nadanu Sankarabharanam Songs

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