Trading Discipline:   

Trading tips for Beginners:

Follow the trend, Don’t be afraid to be a sheep.

Know why you are in the market to relieve  boredom / to make profit.

Use any good system and stick with it.

Apply money management techniques.

Do not over-trade

Take a position only when you know your profit goal and risk limit.

Don’t try to pick tops and bottoms, take your bite out of the middle.

Don’t trade too many markets with too little capital

Don’t trade illiquid markets

Resist from temptation and calculate Risk Reward ratio before you trade

Establish a trading plan. Decide entry & exit points. Profits are for those who act and not react.

Follow your plan with stop losses

Use technical signals to maintain discipline

Eliminate impulse trading

When you have made a successful trade avoid giving back some to the market

Trade with plan not greed hope or fear

Cut your losses short 

Let your profit run. Accumulate them 

Accept many small losses and stay still for few large gains

Standing aside is a position, Patience is crucial

Don’t trade with emotions

Approach the market with a reasonable time goal

Never add to a loosing position

Analyse your losses, learn from your losses 

Always use stop loss orders. 

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